Catalytic Converter Theft Still on the Rise entering 2023 – Protect Your Vehicle

As of 2022, catalytic converter theft has risen by 400% since 2019. It’s important that you protect your vehicle to avoid contending with stolen car parts in the future.

Here, we’re going to talk about the ways that you can avoid catalytic converter theft. Read on to learn more about purchasing a catalytic converter protection kit and more.

Why Does Catalytic Converter Theft Happen?

Catalytic converters, also known as “cats,” are worth anywhere between $900 and $3500. Thieves steal them from parked cars and sell them (or the metals they are made from) for these high sums. In short, theft happens because they’re lucrative to sell.

They also are generally accessible to thieves. Modern power tools can remove them in minutes because they are completely exposed in your car’s undercarriage. They also do not have any attached tracking devices, making it difficult to catch the thief.

Park in the Right Location

Thieves are always looking for easy targets. If your car is parked in an inconvenient location, they will find a new target.

Garages are ideal, but they are not accessible to everyone. A well-lit area will work for those who only have street parking. Better yet, try a location with a security camera nearby.

Set Up a Car Alarm

The tools that thieves use to remove catalytic converters make very little noise. Seasoned criminals also know how to get under the car and remove the cat without triggering your car’s built-in car alarm.

Set up a special alarm system that will go off if your car is tampered with. Park somewhere close enough to your home that you can hear the alarm if it were to go off. Even if you do not catch the thief, the loud noise may be enough to drive them away.

Invest in a Catalytic Converter Protection Kit

catalytic converter protection kit is the #1 way to secure your cat. These devices have steel cables and clamps that you can add to your vehicle. They’re an added layer of protection that makes it nearly impossible for the would-be thief to access the converter.

In fact, it is unlikely that people will even try to steal your cat if you have such a device. It makes your vehicle a more difficult target, so they will go elsewhere to avoid wasting time or being caught.

Use Your VIN

Another easy way to protect your catalytic converter is to engrave your vehicle identification number (VIN) onto its surface. If the cat is stolen, this could prove helpful in recovering it. It’s a way for authorities to identify your catalytic converter if they find it.

It also links the holder to the theft. This means that justice is more likely to be served.

Protect Your Vehicle the Right Way

Now that you know the basics of protecting your vehicle, it’s time to invest in a catalytic converter protection kit.

Outlaw is committed to providing you with high-quality accessories to secure your vehicle. Contact us for more information and help finding the perfect anti-theft devices to fit your needs.