What Is a Leveling Kit and Why Should I Get One Professionally Installed?

A truck leveling kit lifts the front of your truck by increasing the gap between the axle and the truck’s body. Most trucks come off the production line with the front end a little lower than the rear so that the truck has a raked stance.

By lifting the front of the truck, a leveling kit evens out the front and rear heights, giving the truck a level stance. Just because the raked stance is the default for most trucks doesn’t mean you have to settle for it. Like many other truck owners, you may prefer a level stance for several reasons.

1. Lets You Fit Larger Tires on Your Truck

One of the most popular reasons why many truck owners install a leveling kit is it lets them fit larger tires to their trucks. The rear end of most trucks usually has enough clearance to fit large tires. To fit tires of the same size to the front end, you will need to raise it a few inches to achieve the appropriate clearance.

This is where a leveling kit comes in. It lifts your truck’s front end, giving you enough room to fit tires of your preferred size. Larger tires increase the range of tasks that your truck can perform and the type of terrain it can navigate.

2. Lets You Attach Equipment to the Front

You may want to install a plow on the front end of your truck. In that case, you need to raise the front end of your truck to prevent it from sagging too much when you install the plow. Otherwise, the front fender or bumper may push against the front wheels and potentially cause damage. A leveling kit helps you avoid this.

On the other hand, if you plan to use your truck for heavy-duty operations that require even more clearance, then you might want to lift the entire truck. Depending on your truck, loads that exceed certain limits may exert too much stress on your truck and potentially damage it. So, keep loads within your truck’s maximum limit to minimize wear and tear.

3. Improves Your Truck’s Handling

Trucks with high top speeds tend to handle better around corners when their noses are a little higher. If you’re turning corners with the truck fully loaded, you may not notice the improvement in handling. However, the improvement is noticeable when you’re driving with no load. For that reason, a leveling kit provides a better driving experience if you’re not planning to carry loads.

4. Improves Your Truck’s Look

Many truck owners don’t mind the raked stance. Some even love it. Likewise, many truck owners like how their trucks look with a level stance. If you’re among the latter, a leveling kit is just the truck mod you need. Having a leveling kit professionally installed can change your truck’s overall aesthetic to match your preference without spending too much money.

5. Easy Installation and Replacement

Suppose you have a 2-inch leveling kit professionally, but you’re not satisfied with the result. In that case, you can easily have it removed and replaced with one of your preferred size. You can even do it yourself if you have the time, tools and skills. However, many truck owners prefer to have professionals install the leveling kit to ensure the job is done and maximize durability.

Alternatively, you can have the professional install an adjustable leveling kit. This option lets you fine-tune the adjustments to your truck’s front end. A skilled and experienced professional can help you achieve just the right amount of lift for the optimal driving experience.

6. Maintains Your Truck’s Static Weight Balance

A leveling kit is preferable if you’re looking for a relatively straightforward truck mod that doesn’t involve replacing truck parts or installing new ones. As a result, your truck will maintain its static weight balance after the installation of the leveling kit. This is unlike other truck mods, which require additional work to readjust the truck’s static weight balance.

7. Improves Your Truck’s Emergency Braking

When the rear end of the truck is higher than the front, certain handling issues arise when the truck is unloaded. This is especially the case when you need to make an emergency stop. A leveling kit improves the balance by reducing the load on the front suspension and brakes.

Granted, new stress points emerge when you level your truck. But that’s a small price to pay for getting around the issues that come from having a higher bed because leveling your truck improves corner handling and emergency braking.

8. Improves Your Truck’s Off-Road and Towing Capability

Having a leveling kit professionally installed is an effective way of enhancing your truck’s off-road and towing capabilities. It not only increases your truck’s ground clearance but also lets you fit larger tires on the front. Doing so improves the truck’s ability to navigate tricky terrain, such as rocky, sandy or muddy ground.

Additionally, by raising the nose of your truck, a leveling kit minimizes the risk of rocks and debris damaging the front bumper. This is especially beneficial if you plan to add heavy equipment, such as a snow plow or winch, at the front of your truck. Installing the kit prevents potential damage that may occur if the front of the truck sags under the weight of the equipment.

9. Easy on Your Wallet

Leveling kits are among the most affordable truck mods. Of course, depending on the make and model of the truck, the price of leveling kits may vary. Nonetheless, leveling kits tend to be easier on your wallet than other truck mods.

For this reason, you can go for a high-quality leveling kit and maximize the benefits this mod provides. Be sure to buy genuine kits and have them and have them professionally installed for the best results.

Improve Your Truck’s Look, Utility and Drivability with a Leveling Kit

A leveling kit gives your truck an even stance by raising the height on the front end. In addition to improving your truck’s look, a leveling kit increases its utility and your driving experience. Having it professionally installed ensures you get the most of your kit. Contact OUTLAW to learn more.