A Custom Truck Grill Is an Easy Way to Upgrade Your Truck

Did you know that pick-up trucks accounted for 20 percent of vehicles on American roads and that customizing your pick-up is growing in popularity year on year?

Customizing your already good-looking truck doesn’t need to be an expensive affair, and with the amount of Truck Grill on the market, it’s an easy way to upgrade your truck. Stay tuned below to find out all you need to know about the custom truck grill world!

Why a Custom Truck Grill?

Most of the time, the first thing someone notices about the vehicle is the front end. Whether it be driving down the road or in a parking lot, a custom grill will make your truck stand out in the crowd. A new grill adds shine, personality, color, and more importantly, gives your truck added attitude.

Believe it or not, a grill does serve a purpose on a vehicle by providing cool air for the radiator and engine intake. By customizing your grill, your engine will run better and be able to keep cool through the summer months.

Street Scene Speed Grill

If you are more inspired by a race look for your truck, then the street scene speed grill is the one for you. Made from reinforced steel, the diamond-shaped hole pattern makes this grill stand out in the crowd while providing extra performance.

T-Rex Billet Grill

A popular name in the grill world, if it has a T-Rex badge on it then you know it’s going to be something special. The T-Rex grill is custom-made to your particular truck’s specs from high-grade aluminum and is finished off with a black powder coating. T-Rex lifetime warranty gives you peace of mind that you are buying a supreme product.

Putco Shadow Grill

Featuring a classic mirror-polished finish, the Putco Shadow Grill is a new grill with a classic look.

Made from sturdy aluminum, this grill goes on with no drilling or cutting required.

Carriage Works Billet Grill

Available in your choice of black, brushed, or polished, Carriage Works uses aircraft carrier aluminum for this grill.

Perfect for any sort of vehicle, not only trucks, but the grill also comes complete with an easy-to-install kit.

RBP Billet Grill

Rolling Big Power or RBP is a grill manufacturer known for its sleek designs, when it comes to trucks RBP has 3 grills available mainly the RL series, RX series, and RX-2 series.

All with different looks, RBP has something for everyone’s taste.

T-Rex LED Light Grill

One of the only grills on the market that incorporates LED light bars around the grill. T-Rex takes grill designs to the next level with this grill.

The LED will light any off-road trail in your path and is one of the most rugged-looking grills on the market.

Putco Punch Grill

A grill modification doesn’t get any easier than the Putco punch grill. Installing over your factory grill, the Putco punch is more like a clip-on grill than a full replacement.

This grill is available for a wider range of truck models with a variety of styles.

Westin LED Mesh Grill

The toughest of grills made from 16 gauge steel that incorporates an LED light in the middle, the Westin is for someone who likes strength on all their truck accessories.

Finished in a rugged black powder coating all around that resists rust and corrosion, and with reinforced mesh, the Westin won’t let you down.

1968 Dodge Charger Grill

Did you know that an older icon grill from another vehicle can be customized to fit your truck

Another craze that has hit the motoring world, using an iconic grill not only sets you apart but keeps styling sophisticated and sleek.

Can You Customize a Truck Grill Yourself?

A custom car grill can be as easy as you want it to be. For example, you can simply buy an aftermarket attachment that will attach over your existing grill or add a couple of LED lights to spruce the front end up or you can customize the grill by yourself.

This option isn’t for the faint-hearted and a certain skill level is required so if you are sure you have the skills required then it can be a fun rewarding exercise, if not leave it up to the professionals who do it day in and out.

Doing it yourself isn’t as difficult as it looks, and with these simple steps below your new grill will be on in no time.

  1. Examine your existing grill and remove the screws, taking note of which length screw goes where
  2. After the grills come out, clean the existing area and remove any rust build-up
  3. Take out the new grill and any ready-made screw or bolts within the kit
  4. Assemble the new grill in place but don’t tighten the screws just yet
  5. Carefully center the new grill and once you are happy with its position, fasten the screws
  6. Take your vehicle for a spin and check if the grill stays in place and is nice and fastened

Step back and marvel at your new masterpiece and admire how one accessory can change the overall front end of a truck. If you are still not satisfied and have a solid welding ability, why not create your own grill? Most shops have the ability to custom fabricate your own grill to your exact specifications and requirements, which is another option available in the customization world.

Get Your Custom Grill today!

Getting a new truck grill for your vehicle has so many positives, however, choosing a professional installer will assure the end result. Are you not happy with your standard factory grill? Are you ready to transform the complete look of your truck?

Get in touch with our team at Outlaw Performance today and see how our custom grills can transform your truck.