How to Build Your Dream Ride Today!

If you’re looking for a powerful truck that can tow, drive off-road, or both, there are plenty of options out there. But if you’re looking to build your dream ride that matches your character and style, you need to consider a vinyl wrap.

Don’t let the name fool you; vinyl wraps are easier to install on an automobile than you might think. You can use them on your new ride, but make sure you first consult with a professional installer who would know what they’re doing.

And oh, if you’re wondering how much a vinyl car wrap would cost. Well, you’d be surprised.

How Do I Know I Need A Vinyl Car Wrap?

Here are reasons that you can’t resist vinyl wraps for your dream ride:

If you like traveling off-road but hate getting your car covered in dirt, dust, mud, snow, or even leaves – a vinyl wrap is just what you’re looking for!

Vinyl wraps can endure all types of weather, even the extreme ones where other cars would give up! A vinyl wrap is an answer when you want to take your car out daily but don’t worry about scratches and dents daily.

You’ve probably seen it happen before – you spend hours on the internet trying to find that perfect car but can never settle on a paint job because nothing’s ever quite right. Well, with vinyl wraps, you could finally have that custom paint job you’ve been dreaming of.

How Much Will A Full Car Body Wrap Cost?

If you’re seriously considering getting a vinyl car wrap, you’re probably concerned about the price. It’s affordable and more cost-effective than you would think – if done right!

Though there are plenty of cheap options available on the market, we wouldn’t recommend going that route because it could end up costing you more money in the long run.

If you’re looking for a quality job that lasts even through extreme weather conditions, then you should consult with our experienced team of professionals! Whatever your needs are, whether it’s tints, wraps, or simple car detailing – we’d be happy to help!

A Custom Truck Grille Can Also Upgrade Your Truck’s Look

Custom grille inserts are an easy way to upgrade your truck’s look without having to spend a lot of money on expensive aftermarket accessories or replacement parts. Installing one is straightforward and requires only a few essential tools.

You can find them in various styles, patterns, and designs – from simple black grilles to chrome-plated custom aluminum grilles with customizable text. The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can create with them.

If your truck already has a grille, but you want to change its appearance, then custom truck grille inserts are an easy way to do that too! You won’t have to worry about finding matching replacement parts – install the new grille insert, and you’re ready to go!

How to Buy Tires for Your Dream Vehicle?

Car tires are expensive! A set of four brand new all-weather tires can cost upwards of $400, depending on the make and model of your car. But, there are many ways to save money on tires while still getting a quality product that will keep you safe when driving.

Don’t try to go cheap by buying used tires from a nearby tire store or another individual seller. There’s no way to ensure the conditions in which those tires have been used and stored.

The best option is to purchase all-season tires, as these are typically sold at a lower price than other types. You can save up to 50 percent on your order, depending on the brand and the type of tires you choose! Plus, you’ll have access to a tire warranty that covers defective or damaged goods.

What about Rims?

There are always great deals when it comes to car accessories. You have a wide range of rims made from different materials and come in different sizes, which means you will find the perfect fit for you and your car.

Get any size rims for your car – be sure to find the ones that are best suited for its performance! Larger ones can improve the car’s performance, while smaller rims are perfect if you want to give your vehicle a sportier look.

Having well-maintained tires is essential when it comes to fuel economy, too – that’s why before making any purchase, be sure to consult with our knowledgeable team of professionals.

Should You Choose Larger Wheels?

Larger wheels have the potential to improve your vehicle’s fuel economy because they reduce rolling resistance. Anything larger than 15 inches in diameter will offer this benefit, but it will vary depending on many other factors, including the tire pressure and overall vehicle’s weight!

Remember not to go below the recommended tire pressure levels because that could cause your car more damage than good.

The Right Size Lift for Your Vehicle

Your vehicle’s suspension system is the most important factor you’ll have to consider whenever you want to install a lift kit. The goal is always to raise it as little as possible so that your tires don’t come into contact with the fenders or any other part of the car.

Smaller lifts tend to give spindlier tires, while larger ones have a higher tendency to rub against the vehicle’s body panels.

Every vehicle’s suspension is designed to withstand specific strain levels, so the amount of stress it can take will depend on its type. That being said, it’s always best to go for a lift kit that doesn’t have anything more than 1 inch of suspension lift. This way, you’ll be able to take your vehicle off-road without worrying about any negative consequences!

Do Anti-Roll Bars Affect Off-Road Capability?

Anti-roll bars, also known as stabilizer bars, help eliminate body roll when you’re taking a corner at high speeds. Most vehicles have them installed in the front and back of their suspensions – but you can always choose to upgrade your existing one if it’s not up to par.

Choosing the right size lift kit can be a little tricky, but it doesn’t have to be! The key thing you’ll need to keep in mind is that the smaller your suspension lift is, the higher its center of gravity will be. This means it will be easier to take your vehicle over obstacles and through rougher terrain!

Don’t Forget the Off-Roading Accessories!

Off-roading accessories include auxiliary lights, off-road shocks, airbags, cold air intake, exhaust, mufflers, headers, and bumper protection. They’re perfect if you want to travel at night or through rough terrain safely, so it’s always best to install them on your vehicle before taking it off-road for the first time. Get an instant surge of power and performance with these accessories.

Your dream ride doesn’t have to be a distant wish anymore. You can get whatever you want for your car – including tires, rims, lifts/suspension upgrades, and anti-roll bars or stabilizers. Buy everything in one place at the best prices possible!

Pros and Cons of Vehicle Wraps

Adding vinyl vehicle wraps to your car is an easy way to protect your car while improving the aesthetics and even increasing the value of your car. 

However, wrapping a car has both benefits and drawbacks that need to be considered. Do you want to learn more about vehicle wraps and whether or not you should get one for your car?

Keep reading these pros and cons of vehicle wraps to learn more!

Pros of Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are a great solution for many different cars. Whether you are looking for a way to improve your business vehicles or if you want to improve the aesthetics of your car, vinyl wraps are a great option. 

Here are some of the biggest advantages of using a vehicle wrap for your car. 

Inexpensive Solution

First, vinyl wraps for your car are an inexpensive solution. While these used to be something that only wealthy people could afford, they have gotten more accessible over the years. 

Because they are less expensive than other options, they are great for businesses looking for ways to advertise. Typically you can expect to pay a few thousand dollars for a professional wrap installation. 

Easily Removable

Another huge benefit of getting a vehicle wrap on your car is that they are easily removable if you maintain them properly. As long as you use high-quality vinyl for your vehicle wrap, you can peel off the wrap without damaging the paint beneath. 

This makes it a great option if you are planning on changing your design.

For example, if you use your vehicle for business and advertising, you can change your branding or create a new advertising campaign with a new vehicle wrap. 

Fast Installation Time

While painting a car, you will likely need to plan for several days or even weeks to get this completely finished. You will also need to be sure your car is completely dry between each coat of paint.

However, a car wrap can be installed very quickly. 

Usually, these take a few days or even less! If you want your custom car design to be completed quickly, getting a vinyl car wrap is the best option for you to get a faster turnaround time for your car. 


Another great benefit of using vinyl car wrap is that they are very durable. Depending on the thickness of the vinyl material you use, it can keep your car from getting scratched or chipped. 

These car wraps will also last for several years without needing to be replaced! 

Finally, the laminated vinyl will protect your vehicle from UV rays which will prevent your paint from fading. 

Protects Paint

Not only is a vehicle wrap a great way to improve the aesthetics of your car and change its appearance, but it can also protect your paint! If you have a nice car, you may want to add clear vinyl to the top to keep the paint from getting scratched or chipped. 


Finally, vehicle wraps are easy to customize. If you were to paint your car or business vehicle for advertising, it would require much more time, labor, and money to get a custom paint job. 

However, you can easily change the colors, create a custom design, and more when you use vinyl vehicle wraps. 

No matter what style you prefer, you can use vinyl to bring your ideas to life. 

Cons of Vehicle Wraps

Before choosing a paint protection option for your car, it is important that you understand the drawbacks as well. There really are not too many drawbacks to vinyl car wraps.

However, here are a few things that may make it a less appealing option for you. 

Needs Professional Installation

First, you should always hire a professional to install your vinyl car wrap. If you use an amateur company, you may find that they damage your car. 

Because your vinyl needs to be trimmed after it is applied to your car, an amateur may not be as careful which could result in scratches on the paint below your wrap. 

You will also notice that there are more sloppy mistakes around the edges of your wrap, which shows that it was not done professionally. 

Difference in Quality

Another drawback of using vinyl wraps for your vehicle is that you may notice a difference in quality. This depends on the company you hire to install the vinyl, what materials they use, and more. 

If you use a low-quality vinyl material, it can lead to paint damage and may be more difficult to remove if you want to replace your wrap. 

Low-quality materials may also scratch more easily. To be sure you get the best quality possible, you need to hire a company with a great reputation that will provide great results. 

Requires Care

Finally, you need to be sure that you properly maintain your vinyl car wrap. For example, leaving your car in the sun for too long can cause serious issues with your vinyl!

First, it can mess up the color of your wrap and the coloring may fade after too much sun exposure. 

If your car is left in the sun, the vinyl wrap may even bake onto your car. This makes it much more difficult to remove and may cause more damage to your car. 

Get Your Car Wrapped Today

Getting your car wrapped has many pros and cons. However, if you choose a high-quality installer, you will be sure to love the results! Are you looking for a vinyl vehicle wrap company to transform your car or for a custom truck lift? 

Outlaw Off-Road Performance can help.  We offer everything from custom truck grills, custom tires, custom lift kits, and custom wraps.

Contact our team today to get help with your San Antonio truck lift or to see how our vinyl wraps can improve your vehicle!

Do Lift Kits on Trucks Ruin the Towing Capability?

Pickup trucks are America’s most popular type of car, and it’s easy to see why. They look awesome, they’re strong enough for any job under the sun, and their size makes you the king of the road.

But truck obsessives can’t be satisfied with the factory options. You don’t buy a truck to fit in, you buy a truck so everybody else on the road notices when you drive by.

Lift kits raise trucks higher off the ground, making them look burlier and more aggressive on the road. Depending on the type of lift, they can also turn your truck into a pro-level off-roading machine.

You may have heard that lift kits ruin towing capability. Don’t worry! If you choose the right lift kit, you can tow a camper while driving a truck that towers over the road.

Types of Lift Kits

There are three basic types of truck lift kits: leveling kits, body lifts, and suspension lifts. Which type you should choose depends on what you use your truck for.

Leveling Kits

Pickup truck suspensions usually create a slight downward angle from the back of the truck to the front.

The extra height on the back allows the truck to carry heavy loads in the bed. The higher the back end of the truck, the more weight it can carry without bottoming out. The downward angle also improves aerodynamic performance.

Leveling kits are the most subtle kind of lift kit. They use spacers to lift the front end of your truck around 2 inches. This extra height brings the front of the truck up to the same height as the rear.

Most people install leveling kits for aesthetic reasons. The higher front end makes your truck appear taller and more imposing on the road.

Leveling kits also give you a little more space to install larger custom tires, which can improve off-road performance.Leveling Kits and Towing

Leveling kits do not affect your truck’s towing capabilities. Your leveled truck should still be able to tow the same amount of weight as it could when it was stock.

Body Lifts

Body lifts are the next step up (no pun intended) when it comes to jacking up your ride. This type of custom truck lift uses spacers to raise both ends of your truck’s body. Body lifts can give your truck 2 to 4 inches of extra height.

The main reason people choose body lifts is that they are cheaper than other ways of lifting your truck. Since only the body gets lifted, the suspension stays where it is. This means the truck drives mostly the same as it did pre-lift.

Body Lifts and Towing

You don’t need any special equipment to tow a trailer with a body-lifted truck. Towing performance should be about the same as it was before customization.

Note that this only applies if you lift the body of your truck 4 inches or less. If you go over that threshold, the added space between body and suspension will increase instability. This could make it unsafe to tow heavier loads.

Suspension Lifts

Suspension lift kits are the best option if you want to use your lifted truck for serious off-roading. 

In a suspension lift, the components connecting the wheels to the frame are angled down. This raises the axles, differentials, and body of your truck higher off the ground.

Suspension lifts are the most complex custom lift kits. Modifying the suspension requires custom springs and shocks to accommodate the extra height. The braking system also requires modification when the suspension gets lifted.

For all of these reasons, it is a good idea to get a professional to install your suspension lift kit. Installation errors can cause damage to your truck and even make it unsafe to drive.

The complexity of suspension lifts makes them the most expensive option for lifting your truck. However, if you’re lifting your truck for more than aesthetic reasons, suspension lifts are the superior choice.

When you lift your truck’s suspension, you reduce the chance of damaging the underside of your truck on off-roading trails. The increased range of motion on a lifted suspension improves off-road performance and climbing ability. 

Suspension Lifts and Towing

While suspension lifts can improve off-road performance, they can negatively impact your truck’s highway driving and towing ability.

Trucks with lifted suspensions have a high center of gravity. That makes them less stable on the road and can make it less safe to tow heavy loads.

Lifted trucks usually have soft suspensions to improve off-road ride quality. This type of suspension is prone to sagging under heavy loads. The sag will reduce traction on your front tires, causing you to lose control.

The sag can also turn into a maintenance issue. A saggy suspension will cause components like springs, shocks, and brakes to wear out more quickly.

That being said, you can still tow trailers in a lifted truck. Depending on the height of your lift, you may need to install a drop hitch. This tool lowers the ball on your trailer hitch to the proper height for towing.

You can also install an air suspension instead of conventional springs. This allows you to adjust the height and firmness of your suspension, combatting sagginess.

Even with these adjustments, a suspension-lifted truck is going to lose some of its towing capacity. The good news is that unless you’re towing massive fifth-wheel trailers or toy haulers, you shouldn’t have to worry. A lifted truck is capable of towing a medium-sized camper or boat.

If you regularly haul huge goose-neck trailers with tons of weight, you probably shouldn’t use a lifted truck. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have the monster truck of your dreams! It just means you need 2 trucks: a work truck and a fun truck.

Creating Your Dream Truck

Lift kits don’t ruin your truck’s towing capability, but if you want a lifted truck that can tow you should rely on professional advice and expertise.

If you’re ready to own the awesome lifted truck you’ve always wanted, the San Antonio truck lift specialists at Outlaw can make your dreams a reality. Their experienced technicians can help you select the lift kits that are right for your needs.

Whether you’re looking for Jeep Wrangler lift kits or kits for your truck/SUV, Outlaw has you covered. Professional installation will give you peace of mind as you carve down the highway or bounce around dirt trails. 

Outlaw does more than lifts, too. From vehicle wraps to custom truck grills, they offer everything you need to make your truck stand out from (and over) the pack.

Off-Roading In Texas

by Amanda Poe @NomadOffroadTX

Texas is the land of opportunity for off-road enthusiasts of all kinds. From the forests of east Texas to the plains of west Texas, and everything in between, we have a wide array of terrains and obstacles right here in the Lone Star State. Whether you’re looking for a day trip, or a whole weekend of adventure, here is a list of some of the off-road destinations within easy driving distance of San Antonio. 

Barnwell Mountain Recreation area in Gilmer, Texas

Distance: 6 Hour Drive

Advantages: There are trails of all kinds, most of which are well marked and accurately graded. This makes it a blast for off-roaders of all experience levels. For more experienced off-roaders, there are some very technical obstacles to test not only your rig, but also your patience. We make regular trips to Barnwell and always plan to stay for a minimum of three days. They make long weekend stays very easy by allowing visitors to camp anywhere in the park. This means there’s plenty of spots to set up camp, even on busy weekends. 

Disadvantages: Be prepared to detail everything. The park is in east Texas, so it is full of red dirt and red clay. You will take home more of Barnwell than you can imagine.

Insider tip: Maps of the park are not provided at the gate – they must be purchased. I highly recommend purchasing a map if it is your first trip.

Overall Rating: 9 out of 10. 

Hidden Falls Adventure Park in Marble Falls, Texas

Distance: 2 Hour Drive

Advantages: This is a beautifully maintained park with breathtaking views of the gorgeous hill country. There are plenty of technical trails for more experienced off-roaders, all of which are very well marked and graded. There is very little dust here since it is mostly rocks and hills, making it easier to ride doorless on nice days.

Disadvantages: This is a small park with very few “easy” trails. Vehicles with unmodified suspension will have great difficulty finding enough trails to occupy the weekend. On crowded weekends, the “easy” trails are sometimes backed up to the trail entrance with long waits to access the trails.

Insider tip: During rainy season, add an additional diamond to all trail ratings. A trail that is rated at a two diamond when dry, quickly becomes a three diamond when wet because of the rocks and inclines. 

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10. 

Northwest OHV Park in Bridgeport, Texas

Distance: 5 Hour Drive

Advantages: With more than 25 miles of 4×4 trails, there is enough in Northwest OHV Park to entertain most off-road enthusiasts. This park is also on the easier side, making it more fun for off-roaders of all experience levels. With more than 75% of the park being accessible by a mostly stock 4×4 vehicle, there is plenty of fun to be had by all. For Jeep drivers, the whole park is also a part of the Jeep Badge of Honor program. Simply checking in anywhere in the park will get you one of the coveted badges.

Disadvantages: First, trails are not well marked, nor well graded. Less experienced off-roaders should take the trails slow and be prepared to make plenty of U-turns. Second, there is no camping in the park. Long trips will require hotel stays in town. Third, there is no night wheeling allowed. The park closes at 7pm and all vehicles must be out of the park by close, save for 2 or 3 sponsored night rides a year. 

Insider tip: This park has no running water, one port-a-potty style restroom, and no place to purchase refreshments of any kind. Visitors should pack accordingly for their trip. However, the park is very close to the small town of Bridgeport, and there are several good local spots in town to grab some food and drinks. 

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10. 

Big Bend National Park in Presidio County, Texas

Distance: 5.5 Hour Drive

Advantages: This 1,200 mile national park is home to hundreds of miles of off-road trails and otherworldly scenery. While most of the actual off-roading at Big Bend is not any more difficult than your typical fire road, a trip here is not for the faint of heart. Make no mistake – this is some of the most remote terrain in the US. Off-roaders should pack plenty of emergency supplies. However the scenery makes it worth every second.

Disadvantages: First, all 1,200 miles of the park are remote, uninhabited nature. This means the wildlife in Big Bend rules the land. Visitors who camp in the park should keep an eye out for wildlife of all types. Second, temperatures in the park can very drastically from day to night. Visitors should expect more than 20 degrees of temperature variance from day to night. In both these situations, visitors should prepare accordingly before making the trek. 

Insider tip: The best trails in the park are Old Ore Road, Black Gap Trail, Glenn Spring Trail, Paint Gap Trail, and River Road Trail. As you are riding trails, be sure to stick around the park at night at least once. The best views of the Milky Way can be found in the middle of the park, far off the beaten path.

Overall Rating: 10 out of 10. 

What Can A Lift Kit Do For Your Truck?

RAM Lifted Truck

No matter how old we are, when we get a new toy, we want to play with it. 

We want to customize it. 

We want to make it uniquely ours. 

Lift kits are one of the most popular and practical customizations you can make to your truck. But how do you know which lift kit is right for you? 

In this article, we will cover the different types of custom truck lift kits, the pros of each, and what to consider when choosing the one for your rig. Read on to find out more. 

Body Lift Kits

Body lift kits are the easiest way to add height to your rig. They raise the body of the truck away from the base, without altering the suspension system. 


Body lift kits are significantly cheaper than suspension lifts. Installation is relatively simple. It does not require a lot of additional modifications or component upgrades. 

Since none of the OEM components are impacted in a body lift, handling and ride quality remain unaffecting. However, body lift kits can provide the space required to accommodate larger wheels and tires

If you spend most of your time on the pavement, a body lift kit might be the best lift kit option for your truck.

Suspension Lift Kits

A suspension lift kit does more for your truck than simply making it look cool. It involves a complete overhaul of your existing suspension system.

For this type of lift, your truck requires new coil springs, coil spacers, leaf springs, and torsion bar keys. Depending on the height of the lift, it might also involve additional parts and modifications.    

Suspension lift kits are the best truck lift kits for off-roaders and overlanders. This is due to the wide range of advantages they provide for driving off the beaten track.


If you are an avid off-roader, suspension lift kits are better for your truck in the long run.

They provide the ground clearance required to avoid damaging your undercarriage on obstacles, such as rock and ruts. The increased height also creates more space under the wheel well to accommodate larger tires, as well as improve wheel articulation.

Suspension lifts offer greater maneuverability and handling This is vital when maintaining control over rough terrain and in poor road conditions. 

Most people prefer the aesthetics of a suspension lift to a body lift. This is because there is no visible gap between the truck body and the suspension system. Instead, the vehicle appears as one seamless, towering beast.  

Choosing the Right Custom Lift Kits

The decision of whether to get a body or suspension lift kit for your truck depends on your desired result.

If your primary concern is the appearance of your vehicle, then a body lift is the logical choice. It will boost the height of your truck without impacting handling and maneuverability.

Enhancing the functionality of your vehicle can only be accomplished with a suspension lift kit. This type of lift is also better suited to those who spend a large portion of their time hitting the backroads. 

Things to Consider

Once you have determined which type of truck lift kit suits your personal needs, there are a few other details to ride out.

You’ll have to decide on a height for your custom truck lift. Keep in mind higher lifts require changing more components to maintain the vehicle’s functionality. Extreme lifts also have a greater impact on balance and handling. 

Getting a lift kit for your truck will affect your gas mileage. By adding heavy parts to your vehicle, your engine is forced to work harder to compensate. Larger tires, often associated with lifts, will also increase ground resistance, lowering your overall MPG. 

One of the most important things to consider is how you are going to install your custom lift kit. Performing the upgrades yourself requires extensive knowledge. You must know your truck inside and out, how to install the kit, and what other components might be affected. 

Due to the high probability of something going wrong or the need for additional modifications, professional lift kit installation is the recommended method.

San Antonio Truck Lift

Whether you’re looking to improve your truck’s appearance or increase its ability to handle the unbeaten track, there is a lift kit for you. Both body and suspension lift kits have their own pros and cons. The only thing that really matters is what suits your budget and needs. 

For professional truck lift services in San Antonio, look no further than OUTLAW Off-road Performance. Our well-trained staff is ready to tackle all your off-road vehicle needs. Contact us today to set up an appointment for your custom truck lift.